Advocating libre and open source software for Miami (and beyond)

Our Mission

We believe you should be free to use your software as you wish, adapt it to your needs (maybe with some help), and spread it through your community. We promote libre software like LibreOffice, Firefox and GNU/Linux which respects your freedom over proprietary software like Microsoft Office, Chrome, and macOS which restricts users.

LibreMiami is here to build a future where everyone can be their best selves without proprietary software, by sharing libre knowledge, advocating for user freedom, and advancing the state of libre software.

Okay, but what do you do specifically?

We help people meet their software and hardware needs. We help people learn to code. We help people contribute to open source. We fearlessly tackle the big issues. We work on what we really care about. We hang out in pink rooms, drink boba tea and laugh at our commit messages.

Thank you!

LibreMiami is currently inactive. A sincere thanks to everyone who took time to support this vision. You might be interested in the following groups instead:

  1. @jgart is running a Guix group.
  2. Cyberia Computer Club is a cool Minnesota group that is pretty libre-friendly

Stay tuned! Happy Hacking.


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Librebooting a Thinkpad T60

July 20, 2020

You can install Libreboot firmware on a Thinkpad T60 without any special equipment. It’s easy if you know what steps to follow in the docs. We break it down for you in this helpful blog and video, so check it out!

Staying Libre While Staying Connected

May 18, 2020

Since we haven't been able to have our in-person meetups anymore, LibreMiami has been looking for ways to stay connected during the current crisis. Here are our top picks so far.

Libre VPS Hosting

May 09, 2020

Find Libre VPS (virtual private server) hosting for websites, software applications and more.